Spa use became more open to the general public since the 1980's and treatments have taken on a broader more holistic attitude. Life seems to have become faster, busier and there is a need for people to find ways to incorporate personal care and health into their daily routines. Ayurveda is one of the philosophies that attends to these needs.

Some of the specific treatments include:
Abayanga Massage - a relaxing massage by one or two therapists meant to gently stimulate detoxification by promoting movement of fluids in the body.
Shirodhara - a gentle stream of warm fluids (oils or milks) flowing over the forehead to induce meditation and relaxation.
Ayurveda Facial - based on discovering what your type or 'dosha' is and then uses products incorporating Essential Oils that are designed to harmonize with your dosha.

Ayurveda Massage

Beginn einer Ayurvead-Massage

by Sukadev108

This video is in German but a person doesn't need to understand the words, the action is enough. Pay attention to the way he applies the oil, it is smooth and there is no break with the client. This type of massage involves long effleurage movements along the whole body and concentrates on the hands and feet to help eliminate toxins.